USA: she bites the testicles of a camel to save his dog


While she was trying to get her dog stuck inside a camel's pen, an American woman had no choice but to bite the camelid testicles to save her pet of company. An act of bravery quite unusual but which led to the opening of an investigation …

As several US media explain, the unidentified owner of the dog was walking with her boyfriend on the edge of a highway in the community of Grosse Tête in the state. of Louisiana, September 18, when the couple passed close to the camel enclosure.

The latter, named "Caspar", is one of the animal-stars of a small theme park, where with other exotic animals, it is presented to tourists passing through.

Everything was going very well until the couple's dog, probably attracted by these strange specimens, suddenly passed under the fence to get to know the camel.

The woman "stuck" on the ground by the legs of the camel

His masters of course shouted his name to bring him back, in vain. Panicked, they decided to go get it, crawling in turn under the fence.

A very bad idea since Caspar, in retaliation or perhaps just too scared, "stuck" with his legs the woman, preventing him from getting up from the ground.

Faced with this desperate situation, the latter decided to bite the testicles of the animal to get rid of it. Conducted in the hospital, she will finally manage without any serious injury.

If this incredible story can make you smile, it did not make the owners of the camel laugh at all. For them, it is the couple who provoked the animal. They decided to file a complaint.

While the American press emphasizes that the weight of an adult camel can reach 600 kilos, the woman declared to the investigators for her defense: "(she) bit the balls (sic) of Caspar (because she had) only found that to (get rid of it).

the couple Summoned in court

A version that was however contradicted by the inspectors. One of them, Inspector Hamilton said that "the camel did nothing wrong", and that it was the couple who was "aggressive".

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He further added that warning signs alert visitors that they must stay at least "three meters away" from the animals.

Finally, the couple should be summoned later to court, for violation of the right of private property. And they were advised to keep their dog on a leash …

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