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An American was sentenced for life in 1983 for committing a robbery at a bakery. He was released 36 years later.

The law of three strokes

In 1983, a American was incarcerated for life after stealing $ 50.76 in a bakery. According to information from SputnikFrance, this sentence, extremely severe, was pronounced in Alabama, according to "the law of three strokes"This legislation allows for the imposition of sentences of life sentence against an accused sentenced for the third time for an offense or a crime.

In 1979, this man has already been tried for a break-in burglary. He had been tried on head of three articles and sentenced to three years of probation. And the theft at the bakery was the fourth conviction who led her to the life prison without parole.

He regained his freedom 36 years later

With the change of law in 2000, a Conditional liberation for these prisoners for life was possible, but that did not mean that this inmate could get a remission. according to ABC News, a judge seized, himself, of his file and a local legal association, "Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice", also took care of it. 36 years of imprisonment, theAmerican, now 58, has regained his freedom.

Hundreds of prisoners have the same case

The prisoner's lawyer indicated that this release is a "incredible opportunity", for his client, according to the Guardian. She also mentioned that hundreds of detainees are in the same situation in Alabama. They are, well, incarcerated in perpetuity for non-violent crimes. According to information from local channel WIAT, the prisoner regretted his past and apologized during the court hearing.

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