USA: Physician retains 2,246 fetuses in garage


In South Bend, near Chicago, Illinois in the United States, members of Dr. Ulrich's family, who died on September 3, came to tidy up his garage. But while they were in full effort, they came across 2,246 dead fetuses. They were packaged, sealed in plastic bags and kept in a chemical used for CNN's optimal preservation. An investigation has been opened to determine the origin of the fetuses. The local sheriff says they would come from abortions performed in several Indiana clinics between 2000 and 2002.

The doctor practiced abortions in three South Bend clinics, before being suspended in 2015 said the representative of the police.

The mayor of the town "
hope that this will not become a political issue at a time when women need access to care. There is no doubt that what has happened is troubling. This is unacceptable

But already, anti-abortion activists have come together to ask to identify and bury the fetuses. For now, there is no evidence that interventions have taken place in the doctor's home, say the investigators.

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