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The US Supreme Court gave Wednesday the green light to the strict limitation of asylum applications from migrants from Central America, a victory for Donald Trump, determined to place immigration at the heart of its 2020 campaign.

The High Court has ruled that the measure, which obliges most migrants to seek refugee status in a third country crossed during their exile to the United States, would apply temporarily while the legal battle continues.

Tens of thousands of people, often families with children, are potentially concerned by this decision announced at the heart of the summer which represents a major turning point in US migration policy.

Evidence that the nine sages are far from agreeing on this politically explosive subject, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, who opposed the directive with her progressive colleague Ruth Bader Ginsburg, has long motivated its disagreement. "Once again, the executive has issued a rule that seeks to put an end to long-standing practices of refugees seeking refuge from persecution," she said in her written plea. And to deplore forcefully that this decision was taken without prior consultation on this topic of society while the "issue for asylum seekers is major".

"Great victory in the United States Supreme Court for the border on the right of asylum", for his part rejoiced Donald Trump who has made the hardening of the American immigration policy a priority of his presidency, and of his campaign. Conservative judges have a majority in the high court since the arrival of two magistrates appointed by the billionaire Republican.

"Thousands of families"

Lee Gelernt, an ACLU lawyer, a powerful civil rights group, said in a statement to AFP that the legal battle over the case was far from over. "It's just a temporary step. We hope to win in the end, "he said. "The lives of thousands of families are at stake," he added.

Since the end of 2018, the United States has faced an influx of illegal migrants on its border with Mexico, which has tended to affect relations between Washington and its southern neighbor. In June, Donald Trump threatened to impose tariffs on products imported from Mexico if the government of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador did not put a stop to the arrival of migrants from mainly Guatemala, Salvador and Honduras.

Under pressure, Mexico has deployed more than 25,000 troops from the southern border – where the majority of migrants arrive – to the north at the 3200-kilometer border that separates it from the United States.

On Wednesday night, Mr. Trump assured in a tweet of having an "excellent" phone conversation with his Mexican counterpart. "The southern border is getting stronger despite the obstruction of democrats who do not agree to do anything about loopholes in the law or the right to asylum!" he hammered.
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