USA: A puppy rescues two children from a poisonous snake and succumbs to his wounds


"I am grateful that he gave his life for our children". Moved, Gina Richardson will not forget Zeus, a nine-month pit bull died last Tuesday after being bitten several times by a coral snake. The facts, reported by CBS News, took place last Monday. The two sons of the Richardson family, Oriley and Orion, played quietly in the garden of their home in Florida.

Zeus, who was at their side, then saw the coral snake and threw himself at him. "Suddenly, he started attacking the snake that was close to my son and he was bitten four times "says Gary Richardson, the father.

"I owe him my son's life"

Quickly, the animal was taken to a veterinarian, who administered a serum anti-venom. At first, Zeus's health seemed to improve. But the wounds inflicted by the coral snake, known to be one of the most venomous in the world, were too great and the little dog finally died the next morningthe day that was to be the day when he would celebrate his ten months.

The owner of the pitbull hopes that this story will improve the often negative image of this breed of dogs: "If you find an aggressive pitbull, it's probably because he was not treated properly"said Gina Richardson. "If you treat him properly, he will give his life for you, I owe him my son's life."

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