University: Fire in stadium Monumental stadium? This is what is known so far | PHOTO


A fire alert at the Monumental stadium scared fans of Sports University They imagined the worst. Firefighters, through their alert channels reported this emergency that fortunately did not reach seniors.

When averaging 10:08 at night, the Bommberos reported "Fire in the Badland" which was being treated in the "recreation of the Monumental Stadium of the University Sports Club, Ate." But fortunately there were no material or human losses to regret.

The burning of weeds around the door 4 of the cream stadium would have been the alarm signal because it would have reached the facilities of the colossus. But the rapid presence of firefighters prevented this fire hazard from spreading causing a greater misfortune.

Sports University, remember, he played this Sunday in Huánuco for the date 6 of the League 1 Clausura Tournament and defeated Alianza Universidad 1-0.

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