United States. She pays a killer $ 1,400 for the murder of her parents


In the state of Florida in the United States, a teenager stole the blue card from her parents to sponsor their murder. This act has one stroke: $ 1,400 (paid in two installments). His Machiavellian plan was revealed by his boyfriend, who was quick to warn the police.

Is the murder of his own parents at a price? To do this, a young American has abandoned $ 1,400 to see his loved ones disappear.

Authorities in Lake County, Florida, USA, said they arrested a 17-year-old girl on Monday, September 9, for planning the murder of her two parents.

There were two charges against her when she was arrested, including the criminal charge for murder. Lake County Sheriff's Office states that it was the boyfriend of the defendant who revealed the macabre plan to the police. She told him that she had recovered " a lot of money " to find someone who can kill his parents.

Two different killers hired

The young woman has stolen their credit card, to settle a first hitman to the height of 503 dollars. Fox News specifies that the latter could not finish his work. The teenager paid $ 926 for a second criminal without further success.

The defendant very quickly recognized the facts after his arrest.

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United States. She pays a killer $ 1,400 for the murder of her parentsOuest-France.fr

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