United States: Pentagon unblocks $ 3.6 billion to build 280km of wall on Mexican border


ÇHas it happened to you, too, to launch a silly joke that eludes you? Like creating a phony Instagram account to go like the pictures of family or friends under the name of, randomly … Brigitte Macron?

It was April 1, 2019. No malin-malin no doubt, even the trap was rotten: @Brigittemacronofficial had neither the small blue V certified nor the 3.3 million subscribers of the true Melania Trump (aka @Flotus). It's simple, until a week ago, the fake Brigitte had seven subscribers. Not seven million, seven very short.

And then, on August 25, Jair Bolsonaro skids. The mobile phone starts to flash non-stop from 2 pm to 5 am, when it's the day in São Paulo or Brasilia ….

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