United States. More than 2,200 fetuses found in the garage of a deceased doctor


The family of an American doctor who died earlier this month discovered in his garage more than 2,000 human fetuses. They were kept in plastic bags and stored in boxes. The investigation determined that the human remains came from abortions performed between 2000 and 2002. The practitioner lost the right to practice medicine in 2015.

They were stored in bags. 2,246 remains of fetuses were found in the garage of Ulrich Klopfer, a doctor from Illinois (United States) who died on September 3rd.

It is the family of the deceased, who sorted his things, who made the discovery in boxes stored in the middle of other boxes, tells CNN. The fetuses come from abortions performed by the doctor between 2000 and 2002 in three clinics in Indiana, said the police.

Dr. Ulrich Klopfer was banned from practicing in 2015 but "According to their condition, it is clear that they (the fetuses) date from well before"commented prosecutor James Glasgow about human remains. "I can tell you that in 31 years of service, I had not seen anything like it ", meanwhile confided sheriff Mike Kelley.

Placed in plastic bags

The fetuses had been placed in small, sealed plastic bags filled with a chemical preservative for biological materials. After their discovery, the family doctor of the deceased doctor warned the authorities and asked for their assistance. There is nothing to indicate that the fetuses come from abortions that allegedly took place at Ulrich Klopfer's home.

The 2020 US presidential candidate for the Democratic presidential election, Pete Buttigieg, called the facts'Unacceptable'.

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United States. More than 2,200 fetuses found in the garage of a deceased doctorOuest-France.fr

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