United States: Digital giants prepare US elections with FBI


United States: digital generals prepare US elections with the FBI

Leaders of the biggest digital giants, including
Google, Microsoft and Twitter met Wednesday at Facebook headquarters
US government officials to discuss online safety
before the US elections in 2020. According to Reuters,
Facebook explained that these companies had pledged to work with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to fill in the previous flaws revealed by the 2016 ballot.

At five months of the first primary, the number one goal is
to ensure and protect the integrity of elections in the United States. " At Google, we invested in systems
robust to detect phishing and hacking attempts,
to identify foreign interference on our platforms and to protect
campaigns against digital attacks. But technology is only
element of the solution
Explained a Google executive. same
response at Twitter, while Facebook did not comment on this meeting of
several hours organized in these premises, nor give any lines of thought.

Yet it was Facebook that had been the most severely
criticized in 2016 for having missed many
disinformation, a priori orchestrated by Russia to promote the election of Donald Trump. (Eureka Press)

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