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"If you have bad news, do not come!" Said Friday the secretary general of theUN, Antonio Guterres, to the address of the leaders who would like to speak at the summit on the climate which it organizes Monday in New York.

"There is a ticket," Antonio Guterres told a lunch with about fifteen journalists at the UN headquarters. "We asked countries: do you have positive developments to announce? If so, send us a one-page note. But on the other hand, once the page is filed, "we do not judge."

64 countries, as well as the European Union, will be represented in the rostrum, according to the program released Friday by the UN. The goal of the summit, which will last all day Monday, on the eve of the UN General Assembly, is that the largest number of countries announce a strengthening of their plans to reduce greenhouse gases.

"Make as much noise as possible"

A "very significant" number of states should announce the adoption of the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, Antonio Guterres told reporters. That is to say, these countries commit to minimize their emissions, and offset the rest to have a carbon footprint of zero, for example by planting trees that will absorb excess CO2. Currently, only about twenty states have adopted the objective or passed laws to this effect.

"All will not be resolved at the end of the summit," conceded the secretary general. "My goal is to make as much noise as possible," he said, assuring that he saw in the last months of mobilization a "turning point" – especially thanks to the young people who were demonstrating Friday in more than a hundred of cities on the planet.

Merkel, Macron, Modi, Erdogan …

He defended China's inclusion as the country continues to open coal-fired power plants. She will be represented by her head of diplomacy, Wang Yi. "China will be one of the few countries to be ahead" of its Paris agreement commitments, he said, highlighting its giant strides in renewable energy.

States have not applied to speak at the summit, including Brazil and the United States, which will be represented by a State Department bureau chief. But 60 heads of state and government will speak, limited to three minutes each, including: Emmanuel Macron for France, Angela Merkel (Germany), Narendra Modi (India), Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Turkey), Abdel Fattah al- Sissi (Egypt), Uhuru Kenyatta (Kenya), Ivan Duque Marquez (Colombia) … and the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk. (Afp / nxp)

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