UNAM lives both sides of his hobby in a span of 10 hours


MEXICO – UNAM lived two Classics this Saturday with the celebration of the ONEFA student game between Pumas CU and Águilas Blancas, and the match between Pumas and América corresponding to the Liga BBVA MX. Encounters that brought out the best and the worst of the auriazules followers in a span of only 10 hours.

The vicinity of the Ciudad Deportiva Stadium hosted the university hobbies throughout the morning, which had as unique fights those lived through their batons. Before each song released from the IPN, the Pumas CU supporters responded with more intensity.

The stands looked with about 18 thousand fans and in these highlighted the family and student environment while continuing to support the men who were in the field.

At the end of the game and the 28-7 victory in favor of Pumas CU, his fans applauded his top sports rivals, his effort and dedicated three "Huelum".

The atmosphere touched the highest moment when the whole team approached and guided by their captain began to sing the "pimpiririmpimpim".

"I like the pimpiririmpimpim of the University parampampam, with the pimpiririmpimpim with the pamparampampam that Pumas of University, University always lives," reads the lyrics of the university song.

On the other hand, the Azteca Stadium lived hours of tension with the mega operative that required about three thousand security elements, which had some altercations with Azulcrema fans and felines.

An hour before the start of the meeting, a group of UNAM fans began to fight inside the esplanade, which caused some elements of the Secretary of Security to react.

Before the meeting it was also observed how the security elements removed some of the followers who were in an inconvenient state.

In addition, at 25 minutes they made their famous "Goyazo", which was accompanied by banners and smoke flares that emulated the colors of the Mexican flag, green, white and red. However, some fans launched other smoke flares to areas below the property and where families sit.

At the end of the meeting, another battle broke out in the area of ​​the stands where visitors were located, which led some to prefer to leave the Colossus of Santa Ursula, completely contrasting with what happened in the morning when they even included Recognize your rival, something that seems very distant in football.

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