U.K. rushes to the polls: a transfuge leaves Boris Johnson in a minority for his hard Brexit proposal


Deputy Phillip Lee He has left the Conservative Party because of the Prime Minister's plans Boris johnson of executing the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union on October 31 with or without agreement, which pushes the country towards the polls.

This movement adds another deputy to the Liberal Democratic Party modifying the distribution of majorities which will foreseeably cause the 'tories' to lose key votes this Tuesday, just before the parliamentary activity is suspended from October 10 to 14 as Johnson promoted.

The circle close to Johnson has already warned that he would call elections before delaying the Brexit date, so the British press has already begun to speculate on possible dates.

In the face of Lee's movement, the option for the appointment with the polls to be held on October 14, in full final stretch for the deadline for 'European divorce', begins to gain strength.

Lee justified his decision through a letter released through social networks in which he argued that Johnson "is unnecessarily endangering lives and livelihoods and is endangering the integrity of the United Kingdom. More generally, it is undermining the economy, democracy and the role of our country in the world. ”

He also accused the British premier of using "political manipulation, intimidation and lies" in his case.

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