Trump urges the Fed to lower its interest rates to zero or less


President Donald Trump lashed out again this Wednesday against the Federal Reserve, noting that interest rates should go down to "zero or less", amid expectations that the US central bank will reduce rates by the end of this month.

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"The Federal Reserve should lower our interest rates to zero or less, and we should then start refinancing our debt", wrote Trump On twitter.

"U.S You should always pay the lowest rate. Without inflation. It is only the ingenuity of Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve that does not allow us to do what other countries are already doing, "he added, throwing a hook against the president of the US monetary rector.

Amid the signs of economic slowdown in the United States, Trump has increased his attacks against the central bank and Powell – whom he himself appointed in the position for a year and a half – for not easing monetary policy as quickly as the president would wish.

Investors expect the Fed to lower rates by 25 basis points, while the world economy slows and the trade war between the United States and China lengthens.

The Federal Reserve cut the interest rate last month for the first time in almost a decade due to the impact of commercial uncertainty in the growth prospects.

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Powell has promised to take action to ensure that the US economy continues to expand But he warned that the Fed does not have a manual to respond to the uncertainty caused by tensions between the United States and China

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