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When talking about hybrid cars, the vast majority of people think that these carry a complicated technology, difficult to use daily and especially expensive compared to conventional vehicles, whose simplicity remains the most preferred worldwide. But nevertheless, the new Toyota Corolla in its hybrid variant, which does not require plugging in, disputes several of these prejudices and add the favorable arguments of the traditional mechanics edition.

Toyota Corolla 2020 01

Toyota Corolla 2020

These two new vehicles, the Toyota Corolla 2.0 and its hybrid variant, they arrive in the country premiering platform, engines, boxes, dimensions, handling assistance and safety and exterior and interior presentation. That is, it is a total change for the tenth second generation of a car that, despite its worldwide success, has always been viewed shyly by the national buyer.

Therefore, this new family of Toyota Corolla also comes with improvements for two of the main ballasts that it always had in the showcases, because there is now a very attractive and modern look, being the less stately edition of the sedan that has made the mark, and with the advantage of a price that, thanks to trade agreements, leaves it in a very good competitive position.

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Precisely, The great novelty of the new Toyota Corolla is that its hybrid variant costs the same as the ‘normal’, and this makes it the cheapest car of this type in Colombia. Thus, with this attractive argument, it clears one of the main doubts that this configuration could generate.

In the hybrid almost all are benefits, starting with its new TNGA platform, which is the basis on which the dynamic behavior, safety and technology of both cars are based, because It is safer, lighter, bigger and has better torsional stiffness compared to the previous generation Corolla, without counting that it is also the latest architecture for the brand's hybrid cars.

Toyota Corolla 2020 02

Toyota Corolla 2020

This leaves both cars with a length of 4.63 meters, 1.78 meters wide and just 1.43 meters high, which, added to its design, gives a compact and sporty appearance to its exterior, which enjoys of a spacious interior thanks to a wheelbase of 2.7 meters that translates into a real capacity for five passengers and, in addition, a good trunk of 440 liters. That is to say, It is ideal for family use, as has been its essence, but now with a pint that moved away from the canons of the house because in its appearance the characteristics of the current family of hybrid cars of Toyota were mixed with some riskier dynamic lines, for a result at least striking and sporty.

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Once inside the car, the space seems to expand for the occupants, and when you take over, you understand several of the reasons for your worldwide success. The panoramic is far from the driver, as if one were climbing on a platform, and to look for the beginning of the glass you have to look down the wide surface whose size is not perceived from the outside. From there you can look at any corner of the car as if it were being seen from a balcony.

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It is comfortable and pleasant, the chairs are enveloping and the minimalism of ‘millaré’ increases the feeling of space with a design that again replicates a T that forms with the front and the center console as a vertical axis. There, as in the doors, there are few but precise metal ornaments, which combine elegantly with soft textures of the upholstery and with the sinuous shape of the armrests, which are comfortable. However, the same tenor would be expected on the ceiling, the door locks and the interior handles.

Toyota Corolla 2020 03

Toyota Corolla 2020

Once underway, the hybrid starts with the support of its electric motor, which has 72 equivalent horses, and a box specially designed for this work, so it is as quiet as it is fast, to the point that it is necessary to measure it with the accelerator Not to make a jump. When he picks up speed, the silence of march is surprising, which is not only due to the great soundproofing work, but also to the improvement that the suspension on the back received by making the shock absorbers at this point slightly tilted forward.

At more than 30 km / h, the 1.8-liter 98-horsepower Atkinson cycle thermal engine is put into operation to be the main heart of the vehicle. To this engine, which is designed to optimize fuel consumption more than power, a smart CVT box that is tiny in size is connected but whose pulleys have very short relationships and also allow a rapid and progressive acceleration in this mode. Thus, the car can make oversteps without hesitation and well, although it is worth saying that we do not test it on a mountain road, but at sea level.

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If the pilot's desire is to move in a more dynamic scenario than to save, the Corolla has a power union that is activated by pressing the throttle fully so that the 126 combined horses of the two mechanics work together. In this mode there is a hum that is confused with the drag of the tires and although the hybrid cannot be placed shoulder to shoulder with the conventional final speed, in torque and acceleration you win almost all the games.

Toyota Corolla 2020 04

Toyota Corolla 2020

It also has an Eco mode in case the usual energy saving is not enough with Regenerative braking by the inertia of the car, which, it is worth saying, is not so intrusive and shocking as in other ecological vehicles in which this system is usually sharp and dry.

Thus, the Toyota Corolla hybrid turned out to be a big surprise because it is economical – if consumption and emissions are concerned – to the point that It is considered today as the most efficient in the world with a rat of 20 kilometers of travel per liter of fuel and emissions of just 29 grams of CO2 per kilometer traveled.

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But it is also powerful if required and is always agile in traffic due to the immediacy of the electric thrust, and these two ingredients plus its simplicity of use, as you don't have to think about sockets for recharging, you don't have waiting times and the batteries are always ready While there is some gasoline in the tank, they make it a very attractive mechanical combination to achieve modernity on wheels. Especially for its price.

This Corolla in hybrid mode makes the leap towards this type of technology imperceptible and even mandatory because its operation is the same as the usual cars, but its benefits are multiplied by two and more for those who are thinking of a car for the city, natural habitat of this type of proposals.

We attended the launch of the new Toyota Corolla in Guarujá, Brazil, by a kind invitation from Toyota Toyota of Colombia.

Gallery: Toyota Corolla 2020

Toyota Corolla 2020

Toyota Corolla 2020

Data sheet

Hybrid corolla
Thermal motor: Power: 96.5 horses at 5,200 r. p. m.
Torque: 142 Nm
Electric motor: Power: 72HP Torque: 163Nm
Combined power: 126 horses
Combined torque: 170 Nm
Prices: 73.7 and 84 million pesos

Corolla 2.0
Engine: Atkinson cycle
Power: 167.6 horses at 6,600 r. p. m.
Torque: 200 Nm at 4,400 r.p.m.
Transmission: 10-speed CVT
Injection: direct and indirect
Empty weight: 1,390 kilos
Prices: 73.7 and 80 million pesos

Toyota also has the world's best-selling hybrid, the Prius, and is the manufacturer with the largest number of cars with double engines sold globally.

Gallery: Toyota Corolla 2020

This Corolla in hybrid mode arrives in Colombia almost at the same time as its most direct rival, is the new Mazda 3, because by pint, by price and by technology, these two vehicles become the most modern and striking alternatives of the middle segment of the market, which is why both brands were placed in a counterpoint of presales and launches that will encourage competition in this line during the coming months.

Toyota Corolla 2020 05

Toyota Corolla 2020

900 Toyota Corolla were sold last year worldwide, and the total historical figure exceeds 45 million units since 1966.

– The nose is short, and on the sides just the waist was raised to pass over its handles until joining the trunk line. This, together with the elegant fall of the roof back, gives it a wedge profile and makes it look lower and less bulky.
– The main changes are in the front with a large five-fold hood, huge elongated lights that extend to the sides and connect to the minimalist main T-shaped grill that holds the floating logo on its vertical.
– The bumper is asymmetrical, with multiple lines and levels, in which there is a huge lower air intake framed by two half-chromed moons on the sides, within which are the explorers.
– In front of the rearview mirrors, in the front and rear lights and in the lower part of the rear bumper has tiny fins that perform aerodynamic work to reduce turbulence and noise.
– In the back, the changes were less evident, with led lights in a thin scheme that is repeated in front and a chrome frame that connects this optical assembly with the lower part of the trunk.
– There is a discreet spoiler behind and new design wheels that differ in size, 16 inches, for entry editions, or 17, for bumpers.

Toyota Corolla 2020

Toyota Corolla 2020

Security for all
Both have seven airbags, Isofix anchors, stability control, slope and braking assistance and EBD, traction and stability control for all input editions. For the top edition of the hybrid there is additionally the Toyota Safety Sense, which is a package of active safety technological aids whose foundation is to prevent collisions and accidents to the maximum, for which it has a front camera and a radar that measures the distance and relative speed of other vehicles. These two elements combine at speeds of between 10 and 180 km / h to detect any potential risk and issue audible and audiovisual alerts for the driver to brake. If it does not, in its last stage the system automatically intervenes to stop the car. The system also serves in very low visibility conditions to warn of obstacles in the car's lane, an involuntary lane change alert, automatic low-beam high beams and an adaptive cruise control.

Toyota Corolla 2020 01

Toyota Corolla 2020

Olla Lifetime ’Corolla but improved
Conventional Corolla changes at some points with respect to the hybrid variant, being, of course, the main difference in its mechanics. It has a 2.0-liter engine, also of the Atkinson cycle, with direct and indirect time injection, which is a quantitative step per displacement and qualitative in terms of savings compared to the previous 1.8-liter. This is with 167 HP, which give him enough arrests for his sporty look to combine perfectly with his behavior. This engine, new in the brand, is connected to a new CVT box with 10 programmed change points. Walk very well and have the pleasant rumor of an engine with arrests because the pulleys and the box are 20 percent smaller than in a normal CVT, which makes the progression in acceleration not lose rhythm. The accelerator and changes respond with forcefulness, and the chassis confirms the benefits of the TNGA platform, whose torsional rigidity allows a very correct stroke in the curves. The differences between the entry edition and the top of this car focus on the interior upholstery; electric controls for the driver's chair; front, rear and rain sensors; dual zone air conditioning; the size of the instrument screen, as well as the cams behind the wheel for the most equipped edition.

Toyota Corolla 2020

Toyota Corolla 2020

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