Tour Spain: stage 12 tour; day of care in the platoon


The tour has two clearly differentiated parts, the first with just over ninety kilometers to Otxandio relatively quiet, to enter a leg-breaker ground which will put both the leader and all his opponents in tension, waiting for the opportunity to try to provoke a cut and recover time or distance some of the rivals.

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Departure time: 07.12 (Colombia time)

Arrival time: 11.35

Expected intermediate average: 39 kms / hour

Sprint: Bilbao (km. 163.8)


Km. 42.4 Alto de Azázeta (3rd): 4.9 kms at 3.9%

Km. 134.7 Alto de Urruztimendi (3rd): 2.5 kms. at 7.7%

Km. 144.8 Alto El Vivero (3rd): 4.3 kms. at 7.7%

Km. 163.8 Alto de Arraiz (3rd): 2.2 kms. at 12.2%

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