Tomas Boy says that neither Guardiola will change Chivas in seven games


About to dispute his first Classic Tapatio as Chivas DT, You take boy asked the fans the benefit of the doubt to continue in the banking of the Rojiblancos because he considered that neither Pep Guardiola You can change a team in seven days.

“The fans behave like fans, the truth, we have won very important games, we beat the Tigers and I don't know, they behave as they behave, I don't take care of that part; I wish that could change because I would be a father to the players, because the team is working pretty well, We have made very good matches, I only have 7 dates, I deserve a little the benefit of the doubt"He declared.

Chivas occupies the 15th place with 8 points, product of two wins for equal number of draws and three losses; In Copa MX it adds a triumph and a defeat, so the fans have already asked for their exit.

"But on seven dates, nobody, neither Guardiola nor anyone you want can change a football team. In 10 minutes a football team is not changed, I think you have to have a little peace and patience, I am calm to make decisions, I understand that in need of the results, there is always the rush, I do not know if other coaches were bothered so much on 5 dates or 6, I do not know and I am not interested, that is what I am living and there is no problem, ”he added.

Boy feels calm because he said that the pressure generated by short tournaments is for managers.

“They put a lot of pressure on the managers (short tournaments), the technician no, that's it, I don't press myself, I get up early, I have breakfast, I come to work, I already have the training planned, I come and enjoy, I love to come to train and in Guadalajara what father I can do, it is a golden opportunity, but everything takes time”He commented.

“To assess a coach and his ability I do not start to see his sympathy, there are coaches that I like very well, but they are very good, the size and quality of the workforce is essential to judge the work of a coach and time, no I know, that's right in Europe they don't hire you for six games, nobody gets fired, they hire you for an important period "

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