today's dollar in Chile


Interbank operations left the dollar at $ 712.30 in the local market, which represents a decrease of $ 3.1 compared to yesterday's close.

Market optimism continues to encourage emerging currencies to gain strength against the dollar. With this, the exchange rate in Chile ended the week with a sharp fall, so the value of the currency in the local market is close to $ 710.

Interbank operations left to the dollar at $ 712.30 at the close of operations in the local market, which represents a decrease of $ 3.1 compared to yesterday's close.

The decrease in tensions between the United States and China in the context of the trade war faced by both powers has caused the US currency to stabilize in recent days. In addition, the recent announcement by the Asian giant to give more monetary stimuli to the economy is taken advantage of by emerging currencies that gain mass strength against the US currency.

In addition, the Chilean peso is motivated for the reference currencies of the region such as the Mexican peso and the Brazilian real, both parities are the ones that rise most in the emerging currency basket. At the close of the day, all major currencies in the region ended the day higher.

Moreover, the national market today aligned with global trends. At this time, most of the major currencies of the emerging world rise against the dollar, while the price of the US banknote – measured through the Dollar Index, which contrasts it with a currency basket – marks a slight drop of 0.03 %, heading for its third consecutive day of casualties.

As if that were not enough, the slowdown in US unemployment that was announced today morning give more signals for the Fed to cut its rate at this month’s meeting.

"In the US, the August employment data was lower than expected where the US economy created only 130 thousand jobs, versus the expected 158 thousand, this also helps to push down the exchange rate, since a low is expected of interest rates by the Fed at the September meeting, "said Cesar Valencia, an economic analyst at Alpari Chile.

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