Threat of typhoon thrown at France-United States – 2019 World Cup


Mitag has deviated to South Korea, more than 500 kilometers off the coast of Japan. The second game of the Blues Wednesday in Fukuoka will therefore take place.

David Reyrat, special envoy to Kumamoto

The threat of typhoon that weighed on the match France-United States was lifted and the meeting will take place as planned Wednesday (9:45 French) in Fukuoka, said Monday the organizers of the Rugby World Cup in Japan. "The decision was made after consultation with our weather experts and the Japanese Meteorological Agency, which confirms that the Mitag typhoon is decreasing in intensity, and is moving further west of the Japanese coast and as a result will not impact on the match, "the organizers said.

The most optimistic forecasts have materialized. The trajectory of Mitag, which threatened the holding of the match France-United States, deviated towards the west, heading towards the coasts of South Korea that will reach Thursday. The threat has therefore passed, the local weather forecasting even for the time of the match, a time "slightly overcast with a few clearings". It is not even certain that it is raining at the Fukuoka Stadium.

The solution to finally relocate the match had been studied

World Rugby warned Sunday teams in France and the United States of a typhoon risk. While stating, huge surprise, that the expected rules (match canceled, 0-0 draw and 2 points for each team) may not have been applied. "In the context of our many possible solutions in case of unforeseen, if the match could not be played in Fukuoka, another stadium would have been used," said World Rugby.

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