This would be the trajectory of the possible cyclone that Florida would reach in the next few days | Univision 23 Miami WLTV


In its 5:00 pm bulletin, the National Hurricane Center issued a tropical storm warning to the northwest of the Bahamas.

According to Eduardo Rodríguez, meteorologist for News 23 in Miami, the first feature of this system is the huge area covered by showers and storms, which means that it is still very disorganized.

However, on Thursday afternoon the hurricane plane determined that in the next hours we would already have a tropical depression and then the potential storm Humberto.

The winds of the system currently have a speed of 30 mph with gusts of 40 mph, the pressure of 1008 millibars and moves slowly (8 mph) to the northwest.

"In the Bahamas there is already a tropical storm warning and then it would arrive as a tropical storm somewhere in central or northern Florida, according to the first trajectory that is issued," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez also reported that the trajectory could change a bit and that a fairly weak system is being seen.

Currently on land in South Florida we have no warning.

This is how residents of South Florida prepare for the impact of Hurricane Dorian


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