This Land Rover Defender pickup displayed is just a digital dream


If you have been closely following the development of the Land Rover Defender you will remember that an edition of Autocar in November 2012, where they talked about a pickup version of the generation that was to come. The pickup was shown alongside the Defender 90 and Defender 110, which made its official premiere this week at the 2019 Auto Show in Frankfurt, with no trace of the pickup.

The absence of the pickup is due to the fact that such a vehicle will not exist. Land Rover already considers it sufficient to have a four-door Defender, which in itself is like a double cabin pickup with the roofed cargo area. We will not issue our judgment on the brand's decision, although we are sure that a Defender pickup would have been well received, especially if we take into account that in many parts of the world there were pickups based on the first generation of the Defender.

Someone with a lot of skill for Photoshop and some free time imagined a hypothetical design of a single cabin Defender pickup with a small bed that houses the spare tire. While this essay plays with the appearance of a luxurious and very equipped version, we would favor a basic version, with iron wheels and not much equipment. The previous Defender was a workhorse, and a modernized version with an uncovered cargo bed and without many accessories would be much more in line with its spirit.

Although the pickup is not on the agenda, rumors about additional versions of the Land Rover Defender are the order of the day. There is talk of a Defender 130 that would arrive at the end of 2020, with the same wheelbase of the 110 but with greater length and up to eight seats. A length of 200.7 inches is expected, thus becoming the top of the range. When the 110 is configured with all the available pitos and flutes it is easy to overcome the $ 100,000 barrier, so we have no doubt that an eventual 130 would be a very expensive model. Even so, the Land Rover Defender still has a significant price advantage over its main rival, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class whose most basic version, the G550, has an initial price of $ 124,000.

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