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Tesla wants to install its solar panels on the roofs of houses much faster.

This business has not been the most lucrative of the company, but the future of energy is in renewables and it does not seem that Elon Musk is going to throw in the towel yet.

Because, Tesla wants to improve its solar panel unit, And believes that this happens by improving the speed with which you install them and simplifying the process to reduce costs.

One of the products of the organization's solar energy department is solar roof tiles, small panels that end up forming the entire roof of a house.

At present, the installation of a solar roof of Tesla takes about two weeks, but a patent reveals the new system with which the company wants to reduce that time, as it has discovered Electrek.

The system described contemplates that the elements that make up the roof are linked together, which would facilitate its production and installation on a larger scale.

This is just one more example of the attempts that the Musk company is making to get its renewables business off the ground. In fact, I recently announced a new model of solar panel rental for 50 dollars a month in some states of the United States.

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