This is how Diego Armando Maradona, gymnastics and fencing technician of La Plata speaks


Diego Maradona already works as a gymnastics and fencing technician in La Plata. OFFICIAL GYM

Beyond the media effect that occurred with the arrival of the 'Fluff' to the technical bench of Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata; The state of health of the Argentine star generates concern.

Diego Armando Maradona speaks slowly, very slowly. Sometimes little is understood. That has been evidenced in the interviews he has granted in the last week and before his arrival at Gymnastics and Fencing in La Plata, especially in a conversation with 'Fox Sports'.

Beyond the rage to sit on the technical bench of the 'Wolf' and the memes and jokes that swarm in social networks; There is concern and concern for the state of health of Maradona, who is a legend in Argentine territory and with impressive worldwide recognition.

Given this situation, Argentine media have gone beyond flattery and reverence, to look for reasons of the difficulty in the speech of Maradona resorting to indications and declarations of the circle close to the eternal '10' of the Argentine National Team.

"Does Diego speak like that because of the pills he says he takes? Are they the anxiolytics? Did he suffer any brain damage from having used drugs in the past?" La Voz wondered, from the city of Córdoba.

From then on, they began to look for explanations and arguments from the most familiar, to medical concepts that have treated Professor Maradona.

“There are a lot of times that they take him out there and he isn't there to talk. He takes sleeping pills a thousand years ago and, mixed with a glass of alcohol, it's terrible. It is not even that he is drunk, because with a glass of alcohol nobody is drunk, but they have a tremendous effect on him, ”said Dalma, one of his daughters in the marriage to Claudia Villafañe.

Dalma continued indicating that “there are times when I say:‘ Well, if you see that he took a sleeping pill and did not fall asleep, do not take it to the air ”. That's where I feel they don't take care of him. The people around me make me very angry because I feel they expose it. ”

Alfredo Cahe was also cited as a source to discuss the topic Maradona, who was a trusted doctor of the Argentine and ruled out that he suffered sequelae from his cocaine use in the past.

"You need to take between 10 and 15 sleeping pills," Rocío Oliva said, referring to a particular and dangerous mixture: "Alplax and champagne," added 'La Voz'.

Also 'Infobae' inquired with Dr. Leopoldo Luciano Luque, another doctor who has seen Maradona, who commented that "he has trouble falling asleep that are public knowledge. This is a serious problem and difficult to treat, but we are all working the days to improve it ”.

From various points of view and authorized sources, that is the scenario that faces Diego Maradona, of whom many things are not normal.

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