They warn that ranitidine contains carcinogens


A statement from the US Food and Drug Administration said that this drug found carcinogens.

This morning, Novartis announced it: they will suspend, for the moment, the distribution of ranitidine drugs, after the United States Food and Drug Administration discovered that this medicine that fights heartburn contains carcinogenic substances.

How did they find out?

The FDA, for its acronym in English, in conjunction with the European Medicines Agency, announced earlier this September that they would perform some tests on some ranitidine products, which contained NDMA, a substance classified as a possible carcinogen, as published by Radio Formula.

Novartis, knowing this, decided to suspend the sale and manufacture of ranitidine indefinitely, whenever the investigations are finished, to know whether or not it is a danger to the consumer. "A preventive pause in the distribution of all medicines containing ranitidine Sandoz in all our markets, will remain in place with greater clarification, this includes capsules in the United States," said the laboratory.

They added that their "interma investigation is ongoing to determine more details. In case of concerns, appropriate additional measures will be implemented in conjunction with the health authorities, as necessary." Sanofi, which also manufactures ranitidine, indicated that they, on the other hand, would not stop distributing or manufacturing ranitidine products.

What was the substance they found?

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, there are levels of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), considered a carcinogen, in ranitidine although other antacids were also found, according to the FDA; so research folders will open.

"People who take ranitidine may consider using other approved over-the-counter medications for their condition or, if appropriate, talking with their health professional about another treatment," the Administration said. Although the dose of carcinogenic substance is very low, laboratories ask that the relevance of taking -or not- this medicine be evaluated, so as not to have complications in health.

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