They defend a new measure that blocks asylum for migrants in the US


WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES.– A senior immigration official from the president's government Donald Trump defended the management of the United States to block almost all asylum applications of migrants on the border with Mexico, saying that it is necessary to reduce the huge number of overdue immigration cases.

Ken Cuccinelli, acting head of the Citizenship and Immigration Service, said that this week’s Supreme Court’s decision that will allow wide-ranging regulations to come into effect as challenges to those rules continue was a great victory for the government. "There is no way to belittle her," he said.

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The new federal policy would deny asylum to almost all migrants who arrive at the southern border and they are not from Mexico because it disqualifies anyone who passes through another country and has not applied for asylum there first. Although authorities say it is a crucial effort to take pressure off the system, it also represents a powerful deterrent effect.

The norm mainly affects Central Americans, especially Hondurans and Guatemalans, because they represent the majority of people arrested or detained at the border.

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It is a huge setback for other people trying to obtain asylum, including many Africans, Haitians and Cubans trying to enter the United States through Mexico.

Perhaps it is the biggest change to the policy of asylum applications of the United States since it was established in 1980, and the measure with the most consequences of the harsh policy of Donald Trump to restrict immigration.

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Critics have accused the government of shutting the door ruthlessly on people fleeing persecutions and abandoning the humanitarian tradition of the United States.

Many of the authorities that make decisions in asylum applications they believe that the new regulations are wrong, according to Michael Knowles, an asylum agent and spokesman for the AFGE National CIS Council 119, which represents asylum agents.

"They ask us to do something that we believe is, at best, immoral and illegal, and, at worst, a huge abuse of human rights," he said.

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