They asked for 9 years in prison for the journalist Lucas Carrasco, accused of rape


During the allegations in the trial of journalist Lucas Carrasco, charged for two cases of rape, the complaint asked Judge Ana Dieta De Herrero the sentence of 9 years in prison. The lawyers who defend the two victims, Sofía Otero and a young woman who requested an identity reservation, claimed that the sentence be effective. According to sources close to the case, the judicial process will continue on September 11, where the sentence will be known.

The expanelist of 678 He is being tried in the Oral and Correctional Court No. 9 for two cases of "sexual abuse aggravated by carnal access", a crime that provides for sentences of between 6 and 15 years in prison.

A day before the first hearing, the lawyer Matías Busso, who defends Sofia, had advanced on that they did not seek the maximum sentence, beyond the merits of the case, but that they wanted to focus on effective punishment. This Wednesday, the complaint upheld this request and requested 9 years in prison.

During the trial, which began at 9 in the morning, the first to speak was Carrasco himself, who reiterated his innocence. Nervous, he got up from his chair and said he had never "had a problem" with the complainants. Along the same lines, he argued: "I am not a rapist, the mere question of the word embarrasses me. I could have unleashed someone, be disrespectful, but from there to commit a crime. I am not a violent person, I have not received a complaint of violence throughout my life and I have lived with four girls. "

Before the court – headed by the judge who had asked for the maximum penalty for singer Cristian Aldana – the expansionist clarified that he was not going to answer questions. In his disclaimer, he shot that this judicial process was framed within a “political persecution. According to his explanation, when moving away from Kirchnerism, he had been considered a“ traitor. ”Before retiring to an adjoining room, at the request of the complaint, he concluded : "It was not my intention to deceive anyone."

Once Carrasco was removed to another place, it was Sofia's turn to speak. The 27-year-old girl recounted the nightmare she suffered in the defendant's apartment in February 2013, when both had agreed to meet for sex. However, that meeting was far from being a spoiled relationship. The victim reported that the journalist penetrated her anally without her consent and that he ignored her when she started yelling at him and crying in pain. The victim also explained that, minutes later, forced her to practice oral sex and not to stop putting cocaine in his mouth.

In that part of your statement, Carrasco tried to leave the next room and enter the main. The judge asked his lawyer, Guillermo Vartorelli, to calm him down and "explain how things are". This would not be the only time the magistrate caught his attention. When the lawyer tried to show contradictions in Sofia's testimony, Diet De Herrero asked him to "ask well."

After Sofia, the second victim – who asked for an identity reservation – declared to solar: she asked that both the public and journalists leave the room. As stated in the file, the young woman had denounced a situation similar to that of Sofia: the expanelist had forced her to practice oral sex while they were in her apartment in Palermo, in February 2015.

The trial continued with the statements of two members of the Forensic Medical Corps. Psychologist Adela Orgatti confirmed that in Sofia she had found "a psychotraumatic disorder." This analysis was also shared by Dr. José Luis Covelli, who spoke of "posttraumatic chronic stress disorder." The experts had detailed in their reports that the two victims they showed no signs of fabulation in their complaints.

Around 14, the allegations began. In the turn of the complaint, the request for the nine years in prison was known. Then, prosecutor Ariel Yapur, known for his role in the crime trial of activist Diana Sacayán, asked him to call it "transvesticide" to make hate crimes visible. The latter asked for seven years in jail for the case of Sofia and the acquittal for the second fact.

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