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Only the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Atlanta registered more than 107 million passengers in 2018, thus becoming the busiest passenger in the world. And they go 21 consecutive years. To put it in perspective, in the same period they passed through all Spanish airports 263.7 million.

The ranking, prepared by the International Airports Council (ACI), however, highlights geographical changes in terms of the fastest growing airports in the world.

In 2018, passenger traffic worldwide shot up to 8,800 million, 6.4% more than the previous year

Thus, up to 12 of the infrastructures that registered the most increases are located in India and China. For example, the Indian airport in Bangalore is number 1 in terms of growth, with 32.3 million in 2018, 29% more than the previous year.

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Preferred airports

In return, already consolidated infrastructure such as Atlanta grew at a rate of 3.3%. Global traffic, according to the report, rose to 8,800 million passengers, 6.4% more.

Freight transport, meanwhile, increased 3.4%.

While in 2008 there were 16 airports that handled more than 40 million passengers, now there are 54

As the general director of the ICA explained in a press release, Angela Gittens, the report on traffic at world airports reveals that, despite the increase in small airports around the world, large hubs continue to grow.

Thus, he said “if in 2008 there were 16 airports that handled more than 40 million passengers, now there are 54 ”.

Great hubs of the world

Regarding the ranking, and as detailed CNN, Atlanta maintains the leadership in the passenger ranking thanks to its location as an important connection hub and gateway to North America.

Due to its geographical location, it is two hours away from 80% of the entire US population, which means a potential market for 262 million people.

Atlanta, Beijing and Dubai once again top the ranking as the busiest airports in the world

Nor were there variations in the next two positions in the ranking, which occupy the Beijing International Airport -which surpassed the 100 million passenger mark in 2018, with a growth of 5.4% – and the Dubai airport, with 89 million passengers, although increasing, yes, only 1% its traffic.

The airports of The Angels, with 87.5 million and Tokyo-Haneda, with 86.9 million. To find the first European in the list we have to descend to position number 7, where London-Heathrow was located (80.1 million). In tenth position it appears Paris Charles de Gaulle, with 72.2 million.

Ranking by operations

Based on the number of operations (takeoffs and landings), the Chicago’s O'Hare International Airport It is placed in first position with almost 904,000 movements in 2018, followed by Atlanta (895,000) and The Angels (708,000).

If we look at the volume of cargo, Hong Kong leads the ranking of airports, with 5.1 metric tons in 2018

In general terms, airports increased the number of operations by 3.1%, to reach 99.9 million.

When it comes to cargo, Honk kong repeated as the largest in the world, with 5.1 million metric tons of cargo in 2018 (+ 1.5%), followed by airfields of Memphis (USA) and Shanghai Pudong (China).

Protectionist measures

Immersed in an escalation of tensions in the commercial war that maintain giants like the US and China, Gittens took the opportunity to claim “open markets to grow”.

In this regard, he explained, "protectionist rhetoric, driven by isolationist policies, has swept several important economies in recent times and this has resulted in a dismantling of established open trade relations and regimes."

Despite this, he added, "passenger traffic has resisted, registering annual growth rates above historical averages thanks to the decrease in travel costs in many markets and the growth of middle classes in emerging markets."

The airports with the most passengers in the world

1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – 107.4 million passengers

2. Beijing International Airport – 101 million

3. Dubai International Airport – 89.1 million

4. Los Angeles International Airport – 87.5 million

5. Tokyo Haneda Airport – 86.9 million

6. Chicago O'Hare International Airport – 83.2 million

7. London Heathrow Airport – 80.1 million

8. Hong Kong International Airport – 74.5 million

9. Shanghai Pudong International Airport – 74 million

10. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport – 72.2 million

11. Amsterdam Airport – Schiphol – 71 million

12. New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport – 69.9 million

13. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport – 69.7 million

14. Frankfurt Airport – 69.5 million

15. Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport – 69.1 million

Source: ACI

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