there are already luxury cases just to save the Apple card


It is one of the most controversial points of the Apple Card: its maintenance. The support document that the company published warning that the card may deteriorate in denim and leather has caused a debate, although other metal cards such as American Express Gold also show this problem. That has not prevented several companies have taken advantage of to create covers to protect it.

And I'm not talking about wallets or special wallets to better care for the physical titanium card, no … I'm talking about cases in which you can only store one or several cards. And be careful, because some They have a price that can go up to 1,179 euros.

Titanium to store titanium

Apple Card 3 case

From 9to5Mac they share some example, such as the Kerf wooden covers that go from 39 to 139 dollars depending on the type of wood you want and if you want a recorded text or image. They are handmade, more would be missing.

Apple Card 2 case

Then we have other options such as Gray Vandium metal covers, which cost from 451 to 1,179 euros. They justify that price with which they are limited editions and also made in titanium, with the possibility of storing additional credit cards thanks to a screwdriver that "loosen" the covers of the case. iJustine has been able to try them and they certainly do not leave anyone indifferent.

We are used to seeing luxury accessories for Apple products that touch the absurd, but I think this is crossing a border that no one had reached so far. It reminds us of when those coasters for the HomePod emerged, an opportunity that a handful of manufacturers rushed to take advantage of at its launch.

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