The weather for monday


Here are the weather forecasts for the day of Monday, September 02, 2019, issued by the National Meteorological Directorate:

– Cloudy overpasses on the coast between Safi and Kenitra with possibility of light rain.

– Low dense clouds over the Mediterranean with possibility of local drizzle.

– Unstable hearths with showers or thunderstorms on the reliefs of the Atlas, their western plains, the plateaus of phosphates and Oulmes, the southeast slopes and the Rif.

– Tropical clouds with showers and thunderstorms in the southern provinces.

– Clear sky to clear elsewhere.

– Low to moderate sector wind is over the Tangier and the Mediterranean and from north to west elsewhere.

– Minimum temperatures of about 11/18 ° C on the reliefs, 23/28 ° C on the south-east and the extreme south of the country and 19/25 ° C in general elsewhere.

– Temperatures of the day of the order of 23/29 ° C on the reliefs, the slopes southeast and near the coasts, 28/35 ° C on the Souss, the Oriental and the south of the Saharan provinces, 33/38 ° C on the interior of the southern provinces, the South-East and the interior plains and 34/40 ° C on the Saiss, the interior of Loukkos and Gharb, the plateaus of phosphates and Oulmès.

– Nice sea to little agitated in the Mediterranean, little agitated to agitated on the Straits and elsewhere.

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