The 'show' Cruz Azul has not yet seen its best 'luck'


MEXICO – The schism in Cruz Azul has deepened so much that there is no clear horizon for the actors of the problem to hold hands and seek common interests around the team. Impossible when in 20 years they have not succeeded. Today, now less; The power is at stake. Everyone moves their pieces and apparently who is in check is Guillermo Álvarez Cuevas, director of the cooperative and president of the Cruz Azul club.

The break is such that sports positions are found, overlapping. One of the figures that currently makes that difference has a name: Ricardo Peláez, former sports director of the team, according to a group and in the same position of the club for Guillermo Álvarez, who is the one who "makes" the decisions in the institution. The face of it.

Víctor Garcés and Alfredo Álvarez during a press conference in La Noria with Robert Dante Siboldi. Imago7

This Friday or Saturday could be the talk between ‘Billy’And Peláez, but there is no exact date. The first will seek to retain the manager who already gave two cups, to the squad, but the real conflict comes further back: His vice presidents (one accepted by Billy himself, in the case of his brother, Alfredo Alvarez and another in analysis, as it is Victor Garcés), virtually assume that Ricardo is out of the structure from the moment he verbally put his resignation on the table, which was accepted. Even the versions of what happened last Friday in La Noria also impact each other, because while one party assures that he resigned from office, in the morning, the other claims not to be true and even states that the two empowered managers hurried Peláez to leave, because he also allegedly wanted to be part of the conference, a show that the Garcés-Álvarez duo would not allow.

Within the binomial it is also considered that the expenses that the club has made are many. In the program Spicy Soccer Last Thursday, Garcés revealed that they total about 80 million dollars. Not only that, they also believe that Peláez's salary is very burdensome, since the leader receives a salary (I omit this time the amount) that would even be above the team president himself, which they do not see correct and neither They will allow. So, if he stays, will his salary be lowered? Who will fold your hands?

Another point to be resolved is the intrusion of Robin Alvarez in team decisions because he is not considered a member of the board. That point is one of the most critical since it is recognized that he is the son of the president of the group, but in the decision-making process his opinion does not have to prevail, since in no role does he ensure that he is a member of the board. A point they consider should also be clarified once and for all.

A reasonable question?

So far, the situation of Víctor Garcés is very ambiguous, in relation to his legal situation within the club. On the one hand, the lawyer presented together with Alfredo Álvarez, the current technical director of the team, Robert Dante Sibioldi; However, Billy himself said that if they were not cooperative, they would review this issue within the organization to clarify the true role it plays in the organization chart.

On the other hand, people from the Mexican Soccer Federation assured me that Víctor Garcés continues as vice president, with which the legal affairs of the team are in his field, a situation that allows the leader to hold office, because before the Liga BBVA MX there is no document that does not know. Another detail is that no cooperative has challenged Garcés and as an additional fact the leader accesses without problems to the facilities of La Noria and the Cruz Azul Cooperative itself. If you are not a cooperative or active member of the club, why do you let it go to the facilities?

Why does Billy accept it?

Difficult hours Guillermo Álvarez's situation in the cooperative is not the best. The last assembly was contested because it did not go well before the cooperatives. The dissident group left him practically out, a situation that prevented Garcés by contesting the assembly in a courtroom which returned the power to the experienced Cruzazulino director. The situation borders on the unlikely, because Garcés himself who has his brother-in-law against the wall: The lawyer filed a request – no more demand, it is a mistake that this resource is affirmed – for Guillermo Álvarez to account for the expenses generated by the team in many areas specifically buying players.

As far as this "request" is known, the request for submission would have already reached Don Guillermo's offices and he should do so as soon as possible, because if he does not execute it, he would be considered a seemingly confessed person. The issue has the manager against the wall, perhaps at the mercy of the person who returned him as director of the cooperative. If so, Garcés would have his brother-in-law tied up.

The idea inside the dome is that the three parties speak, clarify and reduce the margins of confusion that exist in the football environment and that has undoubtedly dragged the team plunging it into a deep crisis of league titles and in the middle of a struggle by the power that has come to ventilate a bad relationship even that reaches the familiar. Now it will be important to know if the three will face or the final break in which ‘Billy’ would be apparently alone. Sadly in Cruz Azul the worst has not happened … The circus has not presented the best ‘luck ', and the worst act could still fall if the nonsense of the show they have given in recent years continue.

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