The shock of 'Thomas Cook', the oldest tour in the world, went bankrupt. Hundreds of thousands of customers were busy.


The shock of the travel industry, Thomas Cook, the oldest travel company in the world and England went bankrupt and immediately resulted in hundreds of thousands of customers stranded abroad.

On 23 Sep 19, the international news agency and Reuters reported the thumping news, Thomas Cook, the largest and oldest travel company in the United Kingdom and in the world. Established for 178 years, issued a statement of bankruptcy, effective immediately on 23 September 62 and preparing to enter the asset protection process. After negotiations for a loan of additional 200 million pounds to support the company, faced with failure at the last minute.

The bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, which has a huge debt of 170,000 million pounds (about 6.4 trillion baht, calculated at the exchange rate of 1 pound is equal to 37.99 baht), resulting in 600,000 tourists worldwide stranded in foreign countries. There are also over 150,000 British tourists stranded abroad.

The British government has asked the British Civil Aviation Authority to take action to bring these British tourists back to their hometown within 2 weeks from Monday 23 September – Sunday 6 October 2019 until it is considered an attempt to bring people. The biggest return to the country during peacetime. In the history of England

Mr. Peter Frank Howser The CEO (CEO) of Thomas Cook issued a statement apologizing to millions of customers. Including employees of Thomas Company There are 21,000 prisons in many countries, of which 9,000 are the most employees in England, as well as suppliers and partners who have done business with Thomas Cook for a long time, the CEO of Thomas Cook said. The bankruptcy of Thomas Cook was the saddest day for the company. Which has pioneered travel packages And makes travel possibilities of millions of people around the world

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