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Camilo Sesto He is an indelible icon of the 70s, an artist of the undisputed romantic song. In his native Spain and throughout Latin America his songs are hymns of romantic love, with "To live like this is to die of love" as emblem. His death, occurred this Sunday at 72, dismayed millions of fans around the world that, in many cases, they had no news about delicate state of health and about the hardships that happened in recent months.

The press of his country was referring to his fragile state of health since 2018, when the singer reappeared in a public tribute in which he needed permanent help. Not for less, he had been hospitalized only 24 hours before for a kidney condition. His health problems added to a personal life with a conflict that was already public at that time: the estrangement of his son.

One of his last interviews

"It is impossible to reach Camilo, but not now, many years ago. There are many filters, if you call them they hang you, and the information that is completely deformed by the interests of that person comes to him. The information to Camilo will come to him like this person interests him, "said a year ago Lourdes Ornelas, ex-partner of the artist and mother of his son, Camilo Blanes, born in 1983.

"Camilo is very bad, looks like a doll in the hands of these guys, he has no will," also shot the woman, who referred promptly to the relationship of Sesto with his son, also a singer. "My son has been with his father in Madrid for two months and one month he didn't see it," he said. I told him: what is my son doing sleeping in the garden? Which are the rooms where you change when you go swimming. Why have they had him there? So he doesn't realize certain things, "he said.

To live like this is to die of love

The singer denied at the time the statements of his ex and the situation served to offer interviews and be motivated in public more often.

However, months later Camilo Sesto was again hospitalized for the same kidney problem, which seemed to worsen over time. Even in some of the notes he gave to television media he was visibly impaired and with a lot of difficulty speaking and breathing.

In the early hours of this Sunday the news of his death was announced by his social networks.

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