The reserves collapsed below US $ 50,000 million and the deposits fell again


The fall in reserves did not stop during this day and the balance reported by the Central Bank (BCRA) fell from the US $ 50,000 million. In addition, the level of deposits decreased again, which has already decreased more than 30% since the PASO.

The latest Summary of Financial Variables of the BCRA showed a balance of US $ 49,968 million for international reserves, which represented a decrease of US $ 117 million. In this way, asset bleeding accumulated 34 consecutive business days.

Meanwhile, savers withdrew $ 185 million from deposits last Wednesday. Thus, the amount that still remains in the system amounts to US $ 22,680 million.

Before the primary elections, there were US $ 32.5 billion, which has so far extracted almost 30.3% of deposits in checking accounts, savings accounts and fixed terms.

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