the project to invade the "zone 51" makes a flop


It's an interstellar flop. Social networks announced two million people to "storm" a secret US army base in the Nevada desert, accused by conspiracy to hide aliens there. But they are finally not more than a hundred to have made the trip …

It all started with a message on Facebook organizing an event called "Let's storm Zone 51, they can not stop us all." The idea was to invade September 20th at 3 am this famous "Zone 51", a base of the US Air Force so secret that its very existence was only recognized by the CIA in 2013.

Released by the media and mocked by the comedians, the event had made a stir, even prompting the US military to address a severe warning to the audacious who would really have the idea to invade the site. In total, two million people had registered when Facebook removed the event in early August, which did not meet its publication criteria.

An arrest…

Only downside: Matthew Roberts, the initiator of this event, has since recognized that it wasa simple joke which had gone through his head "when he was bored at 2 o'clock in the morning". The young man says he was inspired by another Facebook message that called to fly the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota, having found the idea of ​​the "zone 51" to make even more crazy and then went to bed.

According to local media, only about a hundred people, often disguised or wearing an aluminum foil hat to protect themselves from the airwaves, finally answered the call on the night of Thursday to Friday, for a rather festive gathering that resulted in a single arrest.

The unfortunate protester is a man having urinated on the entrance of the site, whose access road had been closed approximately 1.5 km upstream by the authorities. According to the local sheriff, the "festivals" held in two neighboring towns on the sidelines of the rally attracted only about 1,500 people, much less than expected by the organizers.

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