The OECD detected signs of weakening in the economies of the United States and Germany


The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) sees signs of future weakening in the activity of the United States and in several members of the euro zone such as Germany, Ireland or Spain, according to the monthly report published this Monday.

The advanced composite indicators, that indicate inflections in the economic cycle with an anticipation of between six and nine months, showed significant setbacks for those countries.

The German flag lost 23 cents and stayed at 98.62 points, clearly below level 100 that marks the long-term average; that of The United States dropped 20 hundredths to 98.68 points; that of Ireland 41 hundredths up to 98.93 points; and that of Spain 19 hundredths up to 98.76 points.

The euro zone as a whole fell 12 hundredths to 98.97 points. The OECD interpreted that this points to the continuity of stable growth.

Also toThe persistence of a stable pace of activity in France was maintained (1 hundredth plus up to 99.22 points) and a stabilization in Italy (4 hundredths less up to 99.14 points).

About the United Kingdom, mired in the persistent uncertainty about the "Brexit" or exit from the country of the European Union (EU), The OECD explained that although there is a significant margin of error, he believes that growth should remain stable, "But around a historically low trend." Its monthly indicator gained one hundredth up to 98.91 points.

Mexico stood out as the country of the organization that had the highest monthly increase (49 hundredths to 100.54 points).

As for the main emerging economies, the stable growth outlook was maintained for Brazil (6 hundredths less up to 102.16 points), Russia (12 hundredths less up to 99.56 points) and China (8 hundredths more up to 98.82 points).

For its part, the OECD found a downward inflection in India (12 hundredths to 99.77 points) in the hands of the sharp decline in the car industry.

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