The New York Times closes its edition in Spanish – USA and Canada – International


The Spanish edition of the New York Times was suspended since Tuesday by decision of the newspaper, which reported, in a statement, that suspend this edition that had been launched since 2016, due to not having a financial success.

"As of today, we have suspended NYT in Spanish as an autonomous site. Since we launched it in 2016, the site produced around 10 high quality articles per day, original or translated from the New York Times in English. We launched NYT in Spanish as part of an experiment that expanded our coverage to different languages, in an attempt to reach and attract more international readers. Although the Spanish site attracted a considerable new audience towards our journalism, and regularly produced articles of which we are proud, it did not prove to be financially successful, ”reads the statement.

(Here you can read the New York Times statement)

The newspaper's board also explains that its “strategy will now focus on getting our main news report to a global audience, through a subscription model. As part of this central mission, the editors will continue to translate our impact journalism into more than a dozen languages ​​- even and often into Spanish, on the site – and we will increase our investment in expanding these translation efforts. ”

The editorial note concludes that this change will not affect its coverage in Latin America, which "It will remain strong, with dedicated correspondents, based in Medellin, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro."

His style corrector, Paulina Chavira; as well as the editors Albinson Linares and Marina Franco also made the news through social networks and thanked the support they received for the three years of life the project had.


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