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The new German electric vehicles will be the stars of the Frankfurt motor show, in a downward market where manufacturers fear the impact of the new European regulations against pollution.

On Monday night hundreds of journalists attended the presentation of the new Volkswagen electric car, called ID.3, a compact vehicle that the brand compares with its famous ‘beetle’.

From Thursday until September 22, the visit of thousands of people to the room is expected.

The group Volkswagen also presented the Taycan, a 100% electric luxury sports car of its Porsche brand, capable of going from 0 to 100 km / h in less than three seconds and that wants to rival Tesla, the world's leading California electric car company .

This year many foreign brands decided not to come to the show, including the Japanese giants Toyota and Nissanthe Americans General Motors and Fiat-Chrysler and the french Renault, Peugeot and Citroën.

According Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, director of the Center Automotive Research (CAR), the salon crisis is a consequence of the bad image of the German industry "affected by the‘ dieselgate ’(the scandal of Volkswagen's trick engines) and the late development of the electric car."

The sector as a whole is experiencing a difficult period due to technological change, which needs billions of dollars in investments, as well as the commercial war, the Brexit and, in Europe, the new CO2 emission limits.

In addition, cars are increasingly in the spotlight for the pollution of cities and this Saturday the police wait between 15,000 and 20,000 people in a large demonstration at the Frankfurt Convention Center to demand a "transport revolution ".

In the first half of the year, the world car market fell by 5%, especially because of China.

German manufacturers were particularly affected by the crisis and in the first eight months of the year production fell by 11% over the same period last year, according to figures from the professional federation (VDA).

Between January and July, group sales Volkswagen they also fell 2.7%.

In Europe, starting next year, new cars should have average CO2 emissions of less than 95 grams per kilometer, with significant fines in case of default.

To achieve this, the electric car is the best solution, which explains the 100% electric or hybrid models presented this week in the Frankfurt Motor Show.

However, sales are still marginal. In Europe they only represent 2% of the market and there are still doubts about their high price and the limits of their autonomy.

According to the president of VolkswagenHerbert Diess, the success of electric cars "will depend a lot on political conditions," he said, and asked for more "subsidies" to lower prices as well as "accelerate the deployment of points to recharge."

German brands are still little present in this market. BMW did not have the success it expected with its i3 model and does not have any large cars equivalent to those of Tesla. For their part, Mercedes and Audi have barely started working in this sector.

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