The merciless memes of the win that Argentina gave to Mexico


Argentina thrashed Mexico in the last match of the FIFA date and with it removed the undefeated of 11 games won in a row to the team of Gerardo "Tata" Martino. This result caused fans to show their discomfort in social networks in the form of memes.

One of the aspects that most made the Mexicans angry was that four goals of the albiceleste they happened in the first time, period in which the Mexican team could not even defend against three annotations that he received from Lautaro Martínez Y one more by Leandro Daniel Paredes.

Before the match, the match looked even. Even "Tata" Martino himself had mentioned that Mexican soccer players were at the level of that of the Argentineans currently, however, the reality was extremely different, because Mexican players couldn't even connect with each other to exert danger in the rival area.

The area that suffered most in this match was the defense, since Carlos Salcedo and Néstor Araujo they were the ones who made the most mistakes, same as Lautaro Martínez He took advantage without mercy. In fact, Salcedo became a trend on Twitter due to the mentions of users to criticize their work.

Journalist José Ramón Fernández He also commented on the defenses: "Salcedor and Araujo … What a pair of central depressing we have! And in the middle court where are Herrera and Edson Álvarez? Mexico was a disaster in the first half. What's up, Tata Martino? "

Another soccer player who also received many unfavorable comments was the goalkeeper of the national team, Guillermo Ochoa, which was recently hired by the Eagles of America and who is constantly in the middle of the debates about whether he is one of the best archers in the history of the Mexican national team.

It should be remembered that this footballer also defended the goal of Mexico during the 7-0 win that Mexico received before Chile in the Bicentennial America Cup, when the team was led by the Colombian Juan Carlos Osorio.

Another point that was criticized about the actions of Mexico it was the fact that Argentina did not present a full headline, because elements like Paulo Dybala since the beginning of the meeting and even Lionel messi It couldn't even be summoned.

In addition, Martino's team was also questioned about a problem that has been constant: Mexico can only demonstrate quality football against the rivals of Concacaf, but not when he plays against opponents of larger wingspan.

The reflection of "Tata" Martino after the meeting

The result of the last match was disastrous for Mexico, however, for the "Tata" Martino This stated in a press conference that this type of meeting they must be a lesson for everyone involved in the process of Mexican team growth.

"For this to be a lesson we need to play more games of this nature. We have to get used to them, if it will not be difficult to learn from this kind of mistakes, "were the words of the national coach.

In this regard, he noted that Mexico must continue to compete with this type of rivals: "If we are going to learn it is not enough for the coach to give you directions, but also we need this kind of level. We seek to compete with the best to see if we can make the leap. "

About the number of goals he received Mexico, Martino was also extremely critical, because he mentioned that This result does not reflect the reality of the team he leads, "the same as 11 games without losing did not reflect".

Regarding the difficult situation that happened after the first half, Martino declared that they knew how to replace and then they could show order and maturity so that in the second half the team gave a best face.

For his part, the technical director of Argentina, Lionel ScaloniHe declared that he was "excited and happy." It is a lot of sacrifice that one makes to be here. Not every day one makes goals. I'm really excited because we have lived many hard things. "

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