The Master in Banking and Financial Markets in Casablanca certifies its blockchain titles


[Img # 33364]He Master in Banking and Financial Markets in Casablanca, which universities do Hassan II of Casablanca, of Morocco, and Cantabria, of Spain, you already have your first university degrees in blockchain, registered and certified by Smartdegrees.

The graduates of this prestigious master can manage their university degree from their smartphone, through a free app that allows them to share the title data with work platforms, recruitment companies and third parties, guaranteeing the inviolability of the title, by being registered and certified in the Distributed registration technology, blockchain.

The master wants to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the blockchain technology in the higher education sector, as well as the technological capabilities developed by the platform Smartdegrees.

Thanks to the innovative SmartDegrees platform, Morocco joins the possibilities of blockchain technology and prevents counterfeiting

Its main advantages: agility, comfort and security in blockchain

The benefits for graduates are as follows:

 It facilitates the enhancement of the title, allowing its quick and comfortable sharing with other parties.

 The graduate is the sovereign owner of their data and decides how, where and when to display them.

 The app and the support technology, blockchain, guarantee your inviolability and prevent fraud.

This is the first university degrees of Morocco registered in a mature, scalable and potential blockchain network that smart contracts allow, such as Quorum, based on Ethereum.

“This certification makes it easier for the graduate to put into value in the labor market and avoids any falsification, thanks to blockchain technology. We are very satisfied with this innovative service, which we plan to extend to graduates from previous years ”, according to the professor Alaoui Mdaghri Abdelouahed, director of the master.

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