The League between Mexico, the US and Canada, closer than I thought


The bet of Mexican soccer is to conquer once and for all the American and Canadian markets.
This was shown by Enrique Bonilla, president of the MX League, who participates in the V International Soccer Summit held in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Summit, promoted by ZEIT Publishing Group, offers an international exchange platform on current trends in the world soccer industry.

Bonilla presented his paper: "A Common League between Mexico, the United States and Canada", in which he stressed that The audience of the MX League games has grown with the northern neighbors. "Soccer is seen differently by Latin Americans and Americans in the United States. We are merging their passion. Together we can grow faster than alone."

He made it clear that the American audience is no longer just from people of Mexican origin: "40% of non-Latinos follow Mexican clubs in the United States," and this shows that according to their figures, "football, baseball and basketball are decreasing their audience in the United States, football is growing."

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