The government of Afghanistan accused the Taliban of curbing peace with their latest attacks


"The Afghan people and the Government want lasting peace and are committed to striving for peace, but they believe that the Taliban's violence and attacks against Afghans are the main obstacle to the ongoing peace talks"the presidential palace said in a statement.

The United States and insurgent training have held several rounds of negotiations in Qatar and a draft agreement was recently released that provides for the withdrawal of 5,000 US soldiers in 135 days.

The agreement could open the door to direct negotiations between the Taliban and Kabul.

Ghani's office called the insurgents to accept a ceasefire and begin direct conversations with the Government.

"The Afghan Government appreciates Honest efforts for the peace of their allies and their commitment to work alongside the United States and other allies in the future to achieve lasting peace", according to the statement.

Afghan comments are barely a few hours after Trump announced the suspension of a "secret" meeting with the Taliban and the Government of Afghanistan planned for this Sunday in the US, in response to a recent attack in Kabul claimed by the insurgents in which 12 people died including an American soldier.

For his part, the US president regretted that, "to try to get a false advantage"In the negotiations, the Taliban will carry out an attack on Thursday. It was the second attack by the insurgents in a few days in the Afghan capital, despite the"agreement of principle"that the American negotiator, Zalmay Khalilzad, claimed to have closed with them during negotiations in Doha and that he had presented the Afghan president earlier this week.

"What kind of people kill so many people to achieve an apparent improvement in their position in the negotiations? They have failed, they have only made things worse!"Trump tweeted.

(With information from EFE)

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