The ‘double war’ that lies between Marcelo and Mendy


Both players will fight to be the 1st option for the left side post for Zinedine Zidane, but it must be added that whoever plays less than the two, could be left out of the next call of his selection, so not only will they fight for ownership in the club white, but they will also do so to be able to represent their respective countries.

Not only would it influence the fact of entering the national calls, also, in case of doing well with the Madrid in either case, I could assume ownership, both in France where Luke Hernandez, habitual of the position, is recovering from an injury as in Brazil, where Tite does not finish finding a 3 because it attracts so much attention as to be indisputable. (Mbappe's confession to Hazard!)

At first, Marcelo started as a clear favorite and as chosen by the coach to be the left side holder of the white club, and in fact, the fans, gave this proposal as sure, but after a bad start of the campaign in which Marcelo he has not been defensively speaking up again, Zidane decided to put Mendy at Stadium of the Ceramics, game in which the French side was the best of the team after Bale, providing great defensive strength.

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