The dollar rises to $ 58.34 and the Central Bank intervenes with sales to contain it


The provision stipulates that people who buy foreign currency must submit an affidavit stating that the funds purchased will not be used to purchase other securities within five business days after the transaction.

Meanwhile, in the National Bank currency remains at $ 57 for sale while in the electronic channel you get to $ 56.95.

While in the Single and Foreign Exchange Market (MULC), the currency advances a penny to $ 56.19 after touching highs at $ 56.31.

In the informal market, the blue dollar closed yesterday at $ 58.75in caves of the city of Buenos Aires, according to sources consulted by Ámbito.

It should be remembered that due to greater demand, the dollar rose eleven cents on Wednesday to $ 58.24 despite the sale of official banks.

It was in tune with the wholesale market, where the currency advanced 17 cents to $ 56.18, in a wheel in which the official banks – Nation and Province – sold about $ 30 million in the last minutes to give liquidity to the market.

For its part, the dollar "counted on liquidation" shot up 2% to $ 67.62, so the gap with the wholesale currency widened to 20.4%. While, The MEP dollar closed at $ 63.11 (12.3% gap against the price of the MULC).

"The export registered few sales and the fall of the bonds in dollars originated an additional demand to the exchange market," said the operator Fernando Izzo, of ABC Mercado de Cambios.

Leliq Rate

The central bank kept the cutting rate balanced in the second tender of Liquidity Letters (Leliq).

BCRA placed $ 108,558 million at an average rate of 85,981%, compared to a yield of 85.992% of the previous auction.

BCRA futures and reserves

The call operated at 70%. In exchange swaps, $ 102 million was agreed to take and / or place funds in pesos through the use of buying and selling dollars for Thursday.

In the ROFEX futures market, US $ 295 million were traded with a slight decrease of 2% compared to yesterday.

Shorter terms concentrated just over 50% of businesses. The final prices for the months of September and October ended up operating at $ 58.55 and $ 62.45 at a rate of 81% and 81.5% at those final prices. All terms increased from 0.7% at the end of the month, to more than 2% the longest.

By last, On Wednesday, the Central Bank's reserves dropped $ 141 million to $ 50,233 million. So far in September, the assets of the BCRA fall US $ 3,865 million.

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