The dollar keeps calm and blue begins to worry


In a climate of certain exchange stability, the dollar rose one cent in the official average of the Central Bank: it sells for $ 58.16 and is bought for $ 53.84.

At National Bank The US currency remains unchanged and is trading at $ 57 for sale and $ 54 for purchase. However, in the wholesale market the American dollar It stars in an 18-cent increase and operates at $ 58.20.

The Dolar blue, on the other hand, remains at $ 59 without variations compared to yesterday's close. The gap with the official averages 3.5% and begins to worry the market.

At the same time, distrust of investors appears again on the scene with a rise in country risk of 84 basis points, to be located in 2144.

The monetary authority carried out the first auction of Letters of Liquidity at 7 days.
The amount awarded was $ VN 117,156 million at a maximum awarded rate of 86,0001%. The average cut-off rate was 85.992%, with the minimum adjudicated rate being 85.950%.

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Yesterday the foreign currency rose a few cents and culminated at $ 58.15. The BCRA did not burn reserves but placed sales positions on the MAE screens to mark a price ceiling. In addition, it brought the rate to the record of 86%. The wholesale dollar closed again just above $ 56. Since the application of exchange control, the price has stabilized around that number, sometimes supported by official interventions.

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