The Costa Rican Football Federation immediately broke the link with coach Matosas after the "disrespect" |


Uruguayan coach Gustavo Matosas / EFE

After the announcement by coach Gustavo Matosas, who decided to withdraw from the Costa Rican national team because he felt “bored”, the Football Federation of that country decided to break his bond with the Uruguayan immediately, and not as planned to on September 10, considering that his reasons are a "disrespect."

To read more, click on this link: Video: The coach of the Costa Rican national team left office because he felt “on vacation”

In this way in an extraordinary session of last minute this decision was made, so Matosas will not be present in the match that will play the Costa Rican team this Friday, September 6 before Uruguay.

In a statement the Federation declared that “The determination is made after analyzing the reasons Mr. Matosas adduced for his departure before members of the Executive Committee, which were different from those expressed publicly yesterday by the former technical director, which is considered a disrespect to the Federation and the country” .

Until further notice the reins of the team will be taken by Assistant Douglas Sequeira and his coaching staff.

Some media indicated that the coach would be negotiating with Atlético San Luis of the Mexican League, so he would have more reasons to leave the national team at this time.

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