The BMV opens with progress in the face of a decrease in tension in Hong Kong | Channel 7 SLP


  • The S&P BMV IPC, its main indicator, is located at 41,945.02 units

Mexico.- At the beginning of the stock exchange operations, the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) opens with an advance of 0.28 percent, that is, 111.90 points more than the previous level, with which its main indicator, the S&P BMV IPC, It is located in 41 thousand 945.02 units.

In the local stock market, a volume of 820 thousand 191 shares is operated for an economic amount of 8.15 million pesos. 31 stations participate, of which 26 win, two lose and three remain unchanged.

In the opinion of the Monex Financial Group, the stock markets show positive movements, mainly associated with the reduction of political tension in Hong Kong, after the withdrawal of the controversial bill was announced, which would have allowed the extradition of citizens from That country to Mainland China.

On the other hand, the uncertainty of a hard Brexit is postponed, after Boris Johnson lost the majority in the House of Commons.

The financial institution states that, for the time being, parliamentarians would seek to pass a law that requires the prime minister to request a postponement of Brexit from the European Union until January 31, unless parliamentarians approve a new agreement.

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