The best applications to sell things


Selling items that are no longer used can mean the gain of extra money per month. One way to do this is through the most advanced applications in the market.

There are applications to sell all kinds of things: clothing, technology products, sports, segmented by sex whose objective is the sale to men or women….

A range of options whose final mission is to be able to give second chances to those things that are no longer used and at the same time earn money with their sale.

The best applications to get extra money

The first thing to do is download the relevant applications that are mostly free and also have the option to serve any user as they are usually accessible for Android or IOS mobile devices.

Most of them require a very simple registration: upload images of the article, a short description, size and price. With this, everything is ready for users to see the items on the platform and proceed to the sale purchase.

Some of these platforms charge commissions for these transactions, but there are others that are free. These are the most prominent:

  • Wallapop. A platform where you can sell and buy anything. From sunglasses to swimming pools. Any object is valid to do business in this portal. In addition, it has ads to sponsor and sell the items before. It is one of the most used online flea markets today.
  • Pinkiz It is a platform that has been in the market for a short time, but is growing by leaps and bounds. It is intended for the female audience and you can sell and buy clothes without commissions. As a novelty it has some options such as Looks where users can upload an image of themselves wearing their products and adding related items from their closet to sell their clothes before .
  • Chicfy. It is a platform that pioneered the purchase and sale of fashion for girls. At present, it has expanded that option by including the possibility that men can also sell what they do not use. In Chicfy, if there are sales commissions when managing this type of actions.
  • Vinted. Another market for the purchase and sale of fashion where there are no commissions on transactions. In this case, clothing for children, women and men can be sold, so it covers a wide spectrum of clothing aimed at the whole family. A platform that has been consolidating in the market and that seems to be an option when it comes to selling what is no longer used.
  • Vibbo. Formerly known as second hand, it was completely renovated to become one of the most leading portals when selling things of all kinds: fashion, household items, personal, technological devices …
  • Thousand ads. Renewed or die. That has happened to a portal as veteran as this. They took out their application and also as with Wallapop, geolocates the position to show products close to the area in which one lives. Not only does it serve to sell and buy all kinds of things, but you can also place ads for job offers and demands.
  • Bkie. There are also specialized portals in a certain target such as Bkie that is responsible for facilitating cycling enthusiasts the possibility of buying bicycles and all kinds of accessories related to this sport.
  • Ebay. An application that cannot be ignored as one of the most used for the sale of second-hand items. This portal is a reference and one of the first that emerged as a result of the internet boom. Many of the first purchases made online were made on Ebay. It highlights offers, allows you to sell with Paypal securely and also offers warranty to the buyer, something they mostly do, but in this case it is highly reliable.

You already know, if you have things that you no longer use, you can sell them with the consequent benefit of securing extra money. You just have to download these applications in Google Play Store and start uploading your products making quality photos to get the attention of users.

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