The baht is still waiting for the MPC to open the market this morning at 30.56 baht / dollar.


Dr. Chitiphon Pruksa Methanan "President, Capital Market Strategist, Capital Market Division Krung Thai Bank revealed that the baht opened this morning (25 September) at 30.56 baht per US dollar. Unchanged from the close of the previous business day The Thai baht today is between 30.50-30.65 baht per US dollar. Overall, it is believed that the baht and Asian currencies will be gradually sold when the capital market is closed to risk. However, the turning point may be on the side. United States Encountering political problems if the risk in the United States increases The euro and yen also have a chance to turn up appreciation. May result in continued strong Asian currency, followed by

"In the short term Believe that the baht will move in a narrow frame As the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has to keep an eye on, although the market expects to have a "stable" policy rate at 1.50%, we think the MPC may adjust its growth expectations. Thai economy down If the economy hasn't recovered yet There is a high possibility that the MPC will open a channel for "reducing" interest, which can also pressure the baht to depreciate, "said Dr. Chitipol.

Dr. Chitipon said that Last night Investors are still at risk-off. The European STOXX50 Index, the British FTSE100 Index and the US S&P500 index have decreased by 0.1% to 0.8%.

By the movement of the market Arising from concerns about the political problems in the United States. Because the President of the House of Representatives Preparing a resolution to dismiss the president Simultaneously with trade negotiations that may fail from Donald's attitude. Trump has changed. While the Consumer Reports Index (CB Consumer Confidence) dropped from 134.2 points to 125.1, the lowest level in three months.

"Picture of a higher risk Resulting in safe assets immediately boosted Most recently, the 10-year US bond yield fell 7.4bps to 1.65%. The yen strengthened by 0.4% and the price of gold rose 0.6% to 1,531 dollars per ounce. " Say

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