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TheThe US president has created a surprise twofold announcement Saturday night.

He first revealed that he had organized a secret meeting in his Camp David residence, which is emblematic of many peace negotiations, with his Afghan counterpart Ashraf Ghani and, above all, with the Taliban leaders.

This unprecedented meeting with the Taliban, two days away from the 18e The anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks that sparked the US invasion of Afghanistan raised outrage, including among Trump's allies.

"Camp David is the place where America's leaders met to plan our response after Al Qaeda, backed by the Taliban, killed 3,000 Americans on September 11th. No Taliban member should set foot there. Never, "tweeted Congressional Republican Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

"It's very odd to invite such a terrorist organization to Camp David," CNN's Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro told CNN.

In a few tweets, Donald Trump has also canceled the talks that have been going on for a year with the insurgents, who appeared to be on the verge of reaching an agreement after eighteen years of conflict in Afghanistan.

The reason given for this coup: the murderous attack on Thursday in Kabul, claimed by the rebels and which killed a particular American soldier.

"America will suffer more than anyone else", "its anti-peace attitude will be more visible to the world, and its human and financial losses will increase," warned a spokesman for the rebel movement, Zabihullah Mujahid , promising to "continue his jihad" until the "end of the occupation".

In the immediate future, violence is likely to intensify as the presidential election on 28 September in Afghanistan approaches.

"Not pessimistic"

Is this the end of this unprecedented process to end the oldest war in the United States?

Despite their bellicose message, the Taliban have said they believe the Americans will return to the negotiating table.

US PM Mike Pompeo did not rule out a resumption of talks, provided the insurgents "change their attitude" and "confirm the commitments they made". Otherwise "the president of the United States will not reduce the pressure," he warned.

"I'm not pessimistic," assured the Secretary of State.

He confirmed that an "agreement in principle" was on the table after "huge progress". It should allow a gradual withdrawal of 13,000 to 14,000 US troops in Afghanistan, in exchange for Taliban counterterrorist guarantees, a "reduction of violence" and the opening of peace negotiations. between the Kabul authorities and the insurgents – to which the latter had so far always refused.

So far, President Ghani, who had expressed "concern" over the draft agreement, said that "real peace can only come when the Taliban stop killing Afghans and accept a ceasefire." -le-fire and face-to-face talks with the Afghan government.

Pakistan has invited Washington and the Taliban to resume dialogue. As for the head of the Iranian diplomacy Jawad Zarif, whose country is both an enemy of the Taliban and the United States, he tweeted that "the vanquished foreigners must leave and the fratricidal struggle must end."

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