Swimmer is disqualified for teaching more in her swimsuit


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An American teenager was disqualified during a collegiate competition because a referee thought he was revealing too much behind him, although he used the standard swimsuit distributed to his team swimming, although the title was finally reinstated.

Breckynn Willis, 17, won one of four races on Friday in Anchorage, Alaska, but organizers canceled his victory by citing a "violation linked to his uniform."

According to an arbitrator, the decision was justified because the young woman's bathroom mesh did not cover her enough and I could see "one buttock touching the other."

The coach of another team of high school girls, Lauren Langford, publicly contested the decision, accusing the referee of attacking the girl, mixed race, due to her ethnicity and morphology.

"These young swimmers are not sanctioned because they use their tights in a scandalous or provocative way, but for their wide hips, their developed chest and their dark complexion that distinguishes them from their slender and slender teammates and mostly pale," Langford wrote.

The schoolgirl was wearing exactly the same swimsuit as your teammates, while she was the only one who had been sanctioned for her "uniform," he justified.

Faced with the controversy, the school authorities of the Anchorage district on Tuesday reversed the decision to disqualify the swimmer, considering that the penalty was "heavy and useless".

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